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Heart Felt Thank you

Cavity in my tooth…….Cause of Agony?? May a reason for me….To Meet an angel in disguise!!A pleasant person to be around, Down to earth, feet on the ground, Her inspiring smile comfort me, Her soothing words encourage me, Her gentle touch heal my pain.
Submitting myself to her, I sit there relaxed……. With my mouth wide open, all at ease……
As she work upon my aching tooth, keen to clear my infection, off the root, i feel safe and secure, as on my mother’s loop.Thanks to the excruciating pain, that helped me know the person in her, talking to to her…………. A gush of positive energy surge into me. We share our heart felt, a connection sould- felt, Thanks to him who arranged our meet, Thanks to you, My Dear Doctor !!

Prema Iyer

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