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Invisalign Consultation

Invisalign Aligners


₹ 80000 onwards


Evershine Dental Clinic: A Hub for Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign is a popular orthodontic treatment that uses clear aligners to straighten teeth instead of traditional metal braces. It's known for its discreet appearance and convenience. Ghatkopar, being a bustling area in Mumbai, has several dental clinics and orthodontic centres offering Invisalign services. Evershine Dental Clinic in Ghatkopar is a well-known establishment offering a range of dental services, including Invisalign treatment. Renowned for its experienced team of dentists and orthodontists, the clinic provides personalized consultations to assess patients' suitability for Invisalign.

Certainly! Here's a comprehensive overview of the exceptional Invisalign treatment offered at Evershine Dental Clinic in Ghatkopar, Mumbai.

1. *Consultation:* Patients undergo an initial consultation where the orthodontist examines their teeth, takes x-rays, and discusses treatment options. They explain how Invisalign works and whether the patient is a suitable candidate.

2. *Customized Treatment Plan:* Utilizing advanced technology, Evershine Dental Clinic designs a customized treatment plan, mapping out the entire Invisalign process. If Invisalign is deemed appropriate, the orthodontist creates a custom treatment plan. Using 3D imaging technology, they design a series of aligners to gradually shift the teeth into the desired position.


3. *Aligner Fitting and Progress Check:* Once the aligners are ready, patients receive a series of trays. Regular check-ups are scheduled to monitor progress and ensure the aligners are effectively shifting the teeth.

4. *Treatment Duration:* The duration varies depending on individual cases, but typically, Invisalign treatment lasts between 6-18 months.


5. Follow-up and Retainers:* After completing the treatment, patients might need to wear retainers to maintain the new alignment of their teeth. Follow-up appointments ensure the teeth stay in their corrected position. Evershine Dental Clinic is known for its patient-centric approach, ensuring comfort, efficacy, and quality throughout the Invisalign journey. For precise details about their Invisalign services, it's recommended to directly reach out to the clinic or visit their website for updated information or appointments.


1. *Discreet Appearance:* Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible, making them an attractive option for those concerned about the aesthetics of traditional braces.

2. *Removability:* They can be removed for eating, brushing, and special occasions, offering more flexibility than traditional braces.

3. *Comfort:* Invisalign aligners are generally more comfortable than metal braces as they don't have wires or brackets.

4. *Effective Results:* When worn consistently, Invisalign can effectively correct various orthodontic issues like crowding, gaps, and misalignment.


*Cost and Insurance:*

The cost of Invisalign treatment in Ghatkopar can vary based on the complexity of the case and the clinic's pricing.

*Choosing a Clinic:*

When considering Invisalign treatment in Ghatkopar, it's essential to research and choose a reputable clinic with experienced orthodontists. Reading reviews, considering referrals, and assessing the clinic's expertise in orthodontics can help make an informed decision.

In summary, Invisalign treatment in Ghatkopar offers a modern, discreet, and effective way to straighten teeth. Multiple clinics in the area provide these services, giving residents access to quality orthodontic care.

*What Sets Evershine Dental Clinic Apart:*

- *Expertise and Experience:* The clinic boasts a team of seasoned orthodontists and dentists with extensive experience in providing Invisalign treatment, ensuring a high level of expertise in every step of the process.

- *Cutting-edge Technology:* Evershine Dental Clinic embraces the latest advancements in dental technology. Utilizing 3D imaging and other modern tools ensures precision and accuracy in designing aligners and monitoring treatment progress.

- *Patient-Centric Approach:* The clinic prioritizes patient comfort and satisfaction. The personalized treatment plans and regular check-ups reflect their commitment to ensuring a positive and effective treatment experience.

- *Comprehensive Care:* Evershine Dental Clinic doesn't just stop at the end of the treatment. They provide thorough guidance on post-treatment care, including the use of retainers, and continue to monitor the results to maintain the beautiful smile achieved through Invisalign.

*Patient Testimonials:*


Patients have consistently praised Evershine Dental Clinic for its outstanding service, professionalism, and transformative results. Their testimonials highlight the clinic's dedication to delivering top-notch Invisalign treatment in Ghatkopar.


Evershine Dental Clinic stands as a beacon of excellence in providing Invisalign treatment in Ghatkopar. With its blend of expertise, cutting-edge technology, personalized care, and a track record of delivering remarkable results, the clinic remains a top choice for those seeking a reputable and effective Invisalign treatment experience.

Please note that while this is a comprehensive overview, for specific details or appointments, it's advisable to directly contact Evershine Dental Clinic or visit their official website for the most updated information.

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