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Invisalign Consultation

Invisalign Aligners


₹ 80000 onwards


Clear Aligners

  • Illusion always tries to bring the most innovative, easiest possible dental solutions for you. This holds true even in the case of aligners - an aesthetic alternative to those clunky metal braces.

  • A true mark of quality being the only Indian aligners to receive a US FDA certification.

  • These aligners are the best-in-class combination of flexibility, strength, and clarity designed for long-term wear with utmost comfort.

  • Inconspicuous to the eye with perfect colour stability and minimal discoloration or yellowing with use.

  • Fabricated by using the latest technology, modern equipment, and well-established materials, to bring about rapid tooth movement to meet the challenging needs of patients confidently.

  • Your patients can experience final comfort, fit, and clarity of the aligner with our Zero aligner provided beforehand.

  • Get a free Virtual setup of the patients smile to help them visualize their results even before they start the actual treatment.

  • Each clear aligner can be laser marked to indicate the unique case number, upper or lower arch, and serial number at which it should be worn.

What more could you ask from a clear pair of aligners?

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