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Dental Implant


₹ 35000 onwards


Dental implants is the most advanced and best possible treatment option available for missing tooth in today’s time. As against the older options like caps/bridges and dentures, implants are more expensive but in long run implants have a longer life and thus are more cost effective

• Why are implants the first choice to replace missing teeth? It functions like natural tooth. Adjacent teeth enamel is not damaged. Implant being a part of jaw bone, prevents bone loss in long run. Loose dentures can fit excellently using minimum number of implants. No age barrier. Daily brushing and flossing is more than enough for home care. No special home care measures are required. Implants help to avoid facial, speech and diet changes that take place over time. Implant is made up of Titanium metal which is safely acceptable by the human body.

• Implant Planning Implants can be a single stage implants or a two stage implant. The most important factor in implants is the case selection. Two basic things required for implants are bone quality and quantity. Also the entire medical history and blood profile needs to be checked and a lot of planning goes for making sure as to what size and type of implant is to be placed. Various types/qualities/generations of implants are available to choose from depending on various factors.

At EVERSHINE DENTAL CLINIC dental implant surgery is performed by experienced Implantologist who have expertise and extensive knowledge of implants which is done as routine chair side procedure under local anesthesia. It is virtually a painless procedure and the patients walk out comfortable after the surgery. Our goal is to provide patients with best quality. We have implant system from Germany and USA.

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